1.         What is OnlyFangz?


Onlyfangz is a content creation site for those with discerning tastes.  Our content is beyond the ordinary and brings the unusual and exotic to life.  We cater to the dark subculture community and connect our specialty creators with an audience looking for their unique brand of content.  Is your style darker alternative or kinky? Onlyfangz is the site for you. 


2.         How do I become a content creator?


People appreciate content tailored to their wants and needs, and our content creators provide exactly that.  Fans join for free, and then pay a monthly subscription fee for the content that they want.  In addition to offering content to your monthly subscribers, we offer a way for your audience to tip or buy special access content  as well.  The process is simple.  You create content.  You gain subscribers.  You get paid.  We do all the rest.


3.         How do I get my account approved?


Content creators are required to have their account approved and verified.  Simply register as a creator and provide a valid state issued ID.  Once the verification process is complete, generally within three business days, upload your content, advertise and gain fans! 


4.         What are your terms of service?


Our terms of service can be found at onlyfangz.com/terms.


5.         How do I start earning on Onlyfangz?


To start earning with Onlyfangz, sign up for a creator account, provide your state issued id, get approved, and upload content.  That’s it!  No major hoops to jump through.  We want to make this as easy for you and your audience as we can.  We recommend you advertise anytime your release new content, offer promotions or limited access programming and start building your fan base with regular “teasers” to let your audience get just a taste of what you have to offer.  Once you have their attention, Onlyfangz offers multiple ways for you to monetize access including subscriptions, tips, and limited time offers.


6.         How much and how often do I get paid?


Onlyfangz takes 25% of your total subscription, tip and access fees.  No complicated formulas or extra hidden charges.  25% of your total earnings is what you pay.  Make sure to include our fees in your pricing so you are making what you feel your content is worth!  How often you get paid will depend upon your payout method.  We offer several options to suit your needs, and the 25% is deducted when your payment is sent.  There is a minimum processing fee of $5.


7.  What payment methods are available?


You can choose to have your check mailed to you through USPS at no charge to you, mailed to you through Fed-Ex for $21.95, or utilize ACH instant payouts for $6.95 once {this undefined} amount has been earned.


8.         How do I become a fan?


Go to onlyfangz.com and create an account!  It is free to sign up and search for your favorite creators or find your new favorite creators.  Fans do not have to verify their accounts.  Simply create your account and enjoy.  Once you find the content you are looking for, you will be prompted to either follow the creator’s free posts or subscribe for a nominal monthly fee set by the creator.  As a subscriber to their free posts, you will have access to limited time offers and may even encounter the ability to view premium content for tip.


9.         How do I subscribe to paid content?


Find the content you are looking for, and look for the subscribe button.  You will be prompted to either subscribe to free content or to a paid subscription.  Simply choose the paid subscription option, and you will have access to the free and paid content. 


10.       What payment methods are available for subscriptions and tips?


We accept both Visa and Mastercard as payment options.


11.       Who do I contact if I have issues?


Contact help@onlyfangz.com if you have problems with your account or with the website itself.  Our live chat help at help.onlyfangz.com will be coming soon!